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Lawton School Recognized for Achievements in Math

LAWTON Okla_ Students at St. Mary's Catholic School can do the math. In fact, they're number one.

Friday, teachers and administrators took time to recognize their hard work. St. Mary's is the number one school in Oklahoma for its achievement in a nationally-recognized program called "First in Math". It's an online game that gives students practice solving math problems, giving points for each one they solve. They beat their nearest competitor after solving nearly 600,000 of them. In fact, the program ranked St. Mary's 43rd out of almost 4,000 schools nationwide.

Principal Paolo Dulcamara said he is proud of his students for participating in this extra-curricular program. 

"I'd like to take all the credit," he said. "I know my teachers would like to take all the credit, but the credit goes to the students and the fine families that they're from that are not willing to settle for only doing their duty to go above and beyond."

Here's a fact that surprised us: Principal Dulcamara said their top class participating in the program is kindergarten.



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