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Missouri Teen Arrested After Pursuit And Shootout

COMANCHE COUNTY, Okla._A man sits in the Comanche County jail Friday night after shooting at an Oklahoma Highway Trooper and leading police on a manhunt.

It all started around midnight Thursday night, when 19-year-old Kwade Sanderson hit the gas pedal on I-44 after a trooper pulled him over for a minor traffic violation. After a nearly 20-mile chase, Sanderson shot at the trooper with a rifle before running away.

Area troopers pulled out all their very best equipment including thermal imaging and even a helicopter to track him down as soon as possible, but their big break came from an unsuspecting resident just going on about his morning when he found himself in the middle of a massive search.

Todd Biggs has worked at his family's concrete business in Elgin for over eighteen years and after hearing reports of a manhunt in his area, he decided to take a look on his family's property.

"Before I left work I knew the situation, I knew the location and it was just on top of my mind like, man that's right by the shop, joking about it," said Biggs.

But it was no joke; the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, local officers and the Comanche County Sheriff's office were on the hunt, searching for Missouri native Kwade Sanderson from I-44 to Simmons Cir in Elgin and everywhere in between.

"Obviously if somebody has fired a gun at a police officer, it's a dangerous person so we're going to utilize the equipment we have available so we immediately called in the helicopter, air support and especially the flare unit at night and try to locate the suspect that way," said Captain Mike McClelland of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Nearby neighborhoods were put on alert after officers' radars came up short. Sanderson ran into what seemed like an empty lot and took refuge inside this truck on the Biggs' property, but instead of evading the police, Sanderson came face to face with someone he was completely unprepared for.

"When I pulled in there, I figured I'd make a circle around the building to see if everything looks normal. And when I did, I saw him poke his head out of the vehicle," said Biggs.

At that point, Biggs knew the situation turned dangerous.

"When he looked up and saw us, I guess he thought if he ducked his head back down I wouldn't see him. I thought he had a gun and I wasn't going to let him go," said Biggs.

Lucky for Biggs, Sanderson had stashed his rifle in a culvert before hiding out and was unarmed. Within seconds, troopers descended on Biggs' Concrete and arrested Sanderson without incident. But Biggs won't take any credit for keeping his community safer.

"I don't feel like a hero, I just feel lucky I was at the right place at the right time and I was paying attention," said Biggs.

Biggs did exactly what officers were hoping nearby neighbors would do, so everyone is calling the morning a success. Sanderson is charged with eluding police, shooting with intent to kill as well as other weapons charges.

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