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Family Finds Missing Man

DUNCAN, Okla__ A scary situation for a Duncan family after one of their own goes missing for hours Friday, but thankfully he was found in Marlow because of a stranger and her family going out their way to help find him. 

A Silver Alert was issued after 66-year-old Dewayne Riley, who suffer's from Alzheimer's, went missing around 2 p.m.


Hours later he was found safe at the Kwik Lube in Marlow 7 miles away from his home.

"We were sitting home watching movies and I just happened to see, and I just said 'You know this poor man needs to be found, he needs to be safe and home with his family.  He has family he needs to be with his family'," Felicia Mendoza said.

Felicia Mendoza saw on our 7 News Facebook page the Silver Alert out for Dewayne Riley so she called her mom, Cheri Smith, to tell her they needed to search for him.

Why did she call her mom? Because this isn't the first time they've done this.

"Four years ago I lived at the Green Apartment and a little boy went missing.  My daughter and I went out for that search.  We went out we was riding with BACA at the time, they were on their way down, the boy was found," Smith said.
So Smith, her daughter, and her grandchildren loaded the car to search for Riley.

"We were kinda scared but at the same time we just wanted to find him, because if he was our uncle, or our dad, or cousin, or our grandpa we would want someone to find him too," one of Mendoza's kids said.

They drove around Duncan for 2 hours driving all over the town until they got into contact with one of Riley's cousins, who told them he had went missing a week ago and was found heading toward Marlow.

Riley has Alzheimer's but can remember a lot of the past, and Mendoza says they were told Marlow is a place Riley use to live.

Once in Marlow they found him at a Kwik Lube 7 miles from his home.

They called 911 and took him to a gas station to meet with his family.

"They was very thankful.  His son gave us both a hug, shed a couple tears, and said he can't thank us enough.  I don't need thanks, my thanks is knowing that gentleman's safe," Smith said.

Smith says she did it because she would hope someone would do the same for her, and if more people thought that way this world would be a much better place.

Smith says when they found Riley he was shaken up and had some minor injuries that suggested he had fallen, but it appeared that there were no major injuries sustained.

The experience also brought the two families together, they exchanged numbers so that they could remain in contact.
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