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How to Protect your House in Winter Weather

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LAWTON, Okla. - In Oklahoma, it can be 60 degrees one day and the next day be in the teens. Extreme temperature changes mixed with extremely cold temps can cause damage to your house if you don't take the necessary precautions.

Beware of the unexpected cold snap, or a deep freeze. Frozen water pipes are a very serious risk during very cold winter weather. Now since it has already gotten quite cold ...there are some things you can still do to protect your home.

Local service manager, Van Pollard says, "if they will drip their pipes both hot and cold...just keeps the water circulating in there..where is if their pipes do freeze it will actually be moving."

Since it has been warm you probably had that hose connected to wash a car or water some plants. You're going to want to disconnect those.

"When you keep a hose on it doesn't allow the pipe to evacuate so typically it's in this area here where you will see the pipe break at..and that's inside the wall," says Pollard. Another problem area is the crawl space under some houses...where exposed pipes may be.

"If you can get to the store and get some insulation around them..but if you just take any type of heavy cloth and wrap around it..make sure you don't have any water dripping on it to where the cloth will get wet and freeze," says Pollard.

And if you do find out your pipes have frozen and burst... Pollard says, "first thing you need to do is cut your water off at your meter..or if you have a shutoff for your main in your line in your house cut your water off and that will stop any further damage and then call a plumber."

Also beware of heating units, they can malfunction and emit carbon dioxide so get those checked if you haven't in a while, and invest in a carbon dioxide alarm.


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