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UPDATE: Suspected convenience store shooter arrested

LAWTON, Okla._Tonight one of two men accused of shooting a gas station clerk in the face early Sunday morning weekend during a robbery is behind bars. Police arrested Jerrell Thomas early this morning after a tip led police to a home near Northwest 23rd street and Williams where he was staying. There police found more evidence linking him to the crime. After he was brought in for questioning police say Thomas admitted to the crime. Tonight Seven News Reporter Sarah Jensen highlights the dangers store clerks face working the night shift.

It's a tough job--- the night shift brings a limited staff and people that think they can take of advantage of it. Robberies and shootings are all too common for the men and women who work behind the counter at area gas stations.

"It's a day to day issue for us,” said Afzal.

And that is why one Lawton gas station owner says it is essential that he keep himself and his employees constantly prepared.

"Everyone working here. We review things and how to handle different situations,” said Afzal.

 And workers working behind the counter at area gas stations say that you have to take extra precaution anytime someone walks through the door.

"We keep an eye on the customers even before they come in. From inside, we watch outside and know who is coming. Who is getting outside of the car,” said Afzal.

But most importantly it is essential that workers be attentive to a customer's behavior and what they are wearing.

"If they are wearing big jackets or if they have a hooded sweatshirt on the first thing that we do before saying welcome is can you please take off your hood so that we can see their face,” said Afzal.

Because no matter how much you teach safety and security.

“How to handle emergency situations. How to use our panic buttons. How to keep yourself safe. How to be ready in case something happens,” said Afzal.

You can never fully prevent someone from creating a violent and scary situation for the limited amount of cash inside the store's register. It's a risk they know they are taking with the job.

"When something like this happens there is no way to stop it,” said Afzal.

Lawton police confirmed today that the same Stripes location was robbed less than 24 hours before Sunday's shooting. On Saturday around 7:30 in the morning, the store manager was taking a deposit to the bank when he was assaulted. The suspect then ran away with the deposit bag. No arrests have been made, and authorities are still investigating if the two robberies are connected.

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