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Satanists unveil design for Okla. Capitol monument

LAWTON, Okla__ Leaders for the Satanic Temple trying to put up a monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol are not backing down.


Yesterday they released this rendering of their proposed monument.

The Satanic Temple said they believe this is something that would be a favorite attraction for the State's Capitol for years to come.

State Representative Ann Coody, who believes the monument proposal is highly inappropriate, says at the moment has no way of the monument happening.


That is because there is a lawsuit brought on by the ACLU, because of the Ten Commandments monument that is up at the State Capitol, and that has caused a freeze on any new monuments.


"The monument? I don't think it should be allowed," Melody Tatum said.

"We need to separate religion and government completely," William Niccum said.

"I just really think it's disgusting. I don't think that it is right," Kaitlyn Kimble said.

"I don't particularly think that Satanism would be very appropriate at the capitol, but the children look happy," Tiffany Niccum said.

The impact on children was a common topic for most who displayed their feelings about the monument.

Melody Tatum is a mother and says if the monument made its way up it would change her plans about going to the Capitol.

"Oh definitely, I don't want my children to see that," Tatum said.

Before I talked to Kaitlyn Kimble on camera, who was with her mom and younger brother, her younger brother said he thought it would be cool.

To her that was alarming.

"It makes me sad because I don't think he truly understands the real meaning of it, just because he sees a cool figure or whatever, maybe he'll see on a game. He'll think oh it's just fake but really it has a meaning to it," Kimble said.

Others saw the monument as a way to expose our children to multiple views and make them more cultured.

"It's Satan, Satan, Satan. No. It's just a view and bringing children in yeah people can put a bad spin on it, but it's honestly letting kids believe and think the way they want to," Zach Moose said.

Many others said while they don't agree with satanic beliefs, Oklahoma brought this problem on.

They say allowing the Ten Commandments to go up opened the door to any religion, even satanic.

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