Oklahoma State Superintendent candidates visit Lawton

LAWTON, Okla._Two candidates that are running for the Oklahoma State Superintendent's job told local superintendents Thursday, that the current office holder isn't up to the task.

Donna Anderson and Freda Deskins talked about how they wanted to improve the state's educational system.

Dr. Deskins said she would give the 'A to F' grading scale an 'F' if she had to grade it and discussed several other things that are wrong with education at the state level.

"One of the greatest issues we have now is the unfunded mandates that are going on, the lack of funding in education. The fund balances of every school in the state is shrinking rapidly," said Dr. Freda Deskins.

Dr. Deskins believes that a leadership change is a must in order to take care of students in Oklahoma.

Fellow democratic candidate Donna Anderson is the Superintendent of Bennington Schools, and says if we don't get new leadership, more and more teachers may leave the state.

"Education must have new leadership or public education as we know it will not be the same and it will be a lot harder for us to keep and retain teachers," said Donna Anderson.

Both are looking forward to the chance of leading the state in better education reform if elected.