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Mission on Wheels Reopens

ALTUS, Okla._Frigid temperatures forced an Altus non-profit to close their doors for several weeks, but today, 'Mission on Wheels' re-opened and are ready to serve the community once again. They provide clothes, blankets, dishes and just about anything else you can think of to those who need it at no charge. They help anyone, with no questions asked.

The building Mission on Wheels is operating in doesn't have heat so the snow, ice and freezing temperatures made it  difficult for volunteers to keep the place in order and for those who needed things to come shop. Mission on Wheels director, Edna Douglas says bad weather couldn't keep her away from what she loves to do for too long. She says she started the organization ten years ago from the trunk of her car.

"I've always been free hearted, I like to give and help people. And he showed me that. I would take clothes from my house and I would give people clothing and stuff that needed them," said Edna Douglas.

Douglas says she then moved the organization to a mini-storage.

"It was a small one and it was $23.95 and that's what I had in my purse and I said okay god, that let me know that's where he wanted me to be," said Douglas.

After expanding to larger storage units several times they finally got the building they are in now on West Walnut. Mosell Love is a volunteer at mission on wheels and she says she does it because she once needed help and Douglas provided it for her.

"A situation happened and I became homeless and someone at the air force base said something about a lady named Edna Douglas," said Mosell Love.

Love says mission on wheels was a place to come when she had no where else.

"After that we gained a relationship and I continued to work with her to help pay it forward. She helped me so I decided I would help her, help other people in need like I was at that time," said Love.

Douglas says if feels great to be doing what she knows she was meant to do.

"That's what made me reach out and feel the hearts of the people, you have to have a heart, you have to be compassionate for people."

Douglas says while she knows it's a lot to ask, but they are in great need of a new building since their current on does not have heat. The building they are currently in is paid for by sponsors and Douglas. Mission on Wheels helped over one thousand people last year from the Altus area and surrounding counties.

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