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Students Compete in Robotics Competition

LAWTON, Okla__  The crowd at MaCarthur Middle School gym was electric today for a group of future engineers.

The gym played host for the Texoma Toss-Up Vex Robotics competition to 10 schools.


The competition tested the minds of 36 competitors who built, tweaked, and drove their robots in a challenge course.

Forward.... Backward... Left, right... Down and up...

These robots did it all.

36 middle and high school students from across the state competed in Saturday's tournament all hoping for the prized chance to compete in the state championship.

However, one organizer says that while the chance to compete in the state competition would be a great opportunity for the  students, it is what robotics has done for their academic experience that really matters.

"We left out a lot of really creative children who don't necessarily enjoy math, but they really enjoy working with their legos and building things.  So those kids have a gateway to do math, a reason to do math," Michael Anderson said.

MaCarthur senior and first time robotics student, Brycin Brown also agrees with Anderson about how robotics is teaching him engineering.

The competition is helping to enhance their desire to learn and even go beyond that.

"I'm really interested in it. I like working, I like the hands on.  It's a lot of fun. This has helped me. I plan on furthering my career in the engineering field.  I have learned a lot from this," Brown said.

Anderson raves about the progress the students have made while working with robotics. 

Brown agrees, saying he is proud of not only the progress he has made, but also his fellow classmates.
"When I first started I was in over my head.  It was a little more than what we got ourselves into, but anyway we've made a lot of progress this year, we've learned a lot, grown as a team and it has been good fun," Brown said.

Five top teams in today's competition move on to the state championship where they will also compete to have a chance in the world championship.
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