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Duncan Convenience Store Robbers Head To Court

DUNCAN, Okla._A Duncan man pleaded guilty in a Stephens County Courtroom Wednesday morning after being charged with robbing three convenience stores last march.

20-year-old Quincy Barnes was sentenced to 25 years in prison for first degree robbery. Police said Barnes, along with three other men, walked into three stores overnight wearing masks, with one of the men carrying an automatic handgun. No one was injured in the heists, but the men took off with hundreds of dollars from the businesses.

Quincy Barnes is now the third man out of the four to be sentenced in these late-night robberies and as one by one sees his day in court, the ones who experienced these nights of terror say they are forever changed.

"It used to be oh, that's never going to happen, then it does, and you realize you have to be paying attention," said Assistant Manager Lisa Lovett.

Lisa Lovett has helped manage the Chisholm Corner Convenience Store on Highway 81 and Plato for over a year.  After Quincy Barnes, along with Tre Babineaux, Dakota Smith and Peyton Graham were caught after robbing the store at gunpoint, Lovett says everyone was relieved.

"As a store, we didn't feel safe. We wondered if they were going to come back," said Lovett.

Barnes is the latest to have his sentence handed down. Late last night, 19-year-old Dakota Smith was found guilty by a jury. Like Barnes, he was given 25 years in prison.  And on Dec 9, Tre Babineaux pled guilty and was sentenced as a youthful offender to 25 years for all three counts with some of the sentence suspended, that means the 18-year-old could spend at least 45 years behind bars.

A close friend of Smith and Babineaux's said the situation is tragic and that the two had been working to get their lives back on track. As for Lovett, she said things are back to normal now, but she'll continue to always keep an eye out for anything suspicious.

"Duncan has always been a place you never had to worry about that kind of stuff. Now it's always in the back of your head 'well if it happened once, it could happen again," said Lovett.

Since these convictions are for first degree robbery, each one will have to serve at least 85% of their sentence before they're eligible for parole. As for the fourth suspect, Peyton Graham, he's waived his right to a jury trial. So he'll be back in court on Feb 5.

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