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Disabled veteran's pills go missing from Lawton post office, again

LAWTON, Okla._ A disabled veteran says his medication has gone missing from a post office here two times in the past two months.

Randy Jackson, 43, has been getting his pain and depression medication via standard mail for years and says postal workers have come to know the packaging of veterans' pills and he's their latest victim.

"The employees do know what is in those deals, I promise you," says Jackson. "I can guarantee you that."

Jackson is a retired navy aviation mechanic and is 90 percent disabled with severe depression.

"I've had enough; I'm fed up; I'm over my limit," says Jackson of his Xanax pills being misplaced or stolen. "Last time it was my Hydrocodone that got stolen."

The prescriptions are filled at the Veterans Administration office in Oklahoma City, he says, and believes the packages have gotten the attention of post office personnel.

"A white bubble wrap bag," he says. "It will have my name on it on the bottom. On the top of it will say 'VA', the vet center."

On both occasions he received a letter in his mailbox instructing him to pick his package up at the post office, but when he got to the Sheridan Road office the clerks inside told him his package wasn't there.

Documents show the pills were filled in Oklahoma City on Jan. 14. The tracking number of the package shows it not only made it to Lawton, but a notice made it into Jackson's mailbox. He's now running on a limited supply.

Kenny Smith, a special agent with the United States Postal Service, says the he's aware of Jackson's issue and is investigating.

"The Office of Inspector General has been made aware of the situation and we are currently in the process of evaluating the information we've received," says Smith.

Smith said he couldn't speak on the specifics of medication theft, but Jackson says in the two hours he spent at the post office Friday morning he was told he's not alone.

"A supervisor told me that it isn't just me; it happens to other veterans also in Lawton."

The Veterans Administration is unwilling to refill this month's prescription, Jackson says, so he'll have to go a month without the Xanax pills he relies on. He hopes a change occurs so he doesn't have to deal with a reoccurring nightmare.

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