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Local Firearm Salesman Confirms Increase in Gun Sales

DUNCAN, Okla. - There were over 21 million background checks conducted for gun sales last year alone, and recently released statistics from the FBI on NICS background checks showing 2013 gun sales hit a new record high.

Sales soared throughout 2013, despite the relentless push for more gun control.

Talks of assault rifle bans, and more stringent background checks have pushed guns into the national spotlight.

With the risk of bans some 21 million firearm background checks took place last year.

Store owner Keith Stewart believes it wasn't just the talk of stricter gun laws that caused the record number.

"Well, you know, in this part of Oklahoma we are seeing a spike in more crimes. I think people have decided if they can help it they are not going to be a victim," said Keith Stewart.

With the increase in gun sales, there has also been an increase in people taking conceal and carry classes. So many that his classed are full through the month of March.

"When I teach the classes their main concern is being a victim of a crime. They want to be prepared to save themselves and their family," said Stewart.

Also setting records is a new demographic of gun owners, women are the fastest growing group preparing to pull the trigger. 

"This past year, I would say probably 70% or more of our customers are women," said Taryn Stewart. 

And there are many reasons why.

"It makes me feel great because I know I can protect myself if I need too. We can carry them in our purses, like me when I go shopping with my kids. I now know I can protect myself and my kids if I need to," said Taryn Stewart.

And sales aren't slowing down any time soon.

"So far it seems like we are going to be set to do the same thing, gun sales haven't slowed down any since the start of the new year. In fact these last couple of weeks I have seen it increase," said Keith Stewart

The overall number of guns sold could have been much higher than the number of background checks shows.  Background checks are done on gun purchasers, and each purchaser can buy multiple guns.

With the increase in firearm sales, gun safety is essential for people of all ages before they get ready to pull the trigger. With the increase in sales it is even more important for children to know the importance of gun safety.

Firearm Solutions offers free gun safety classes for kids ages 7 to 14 every other Sunday.

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