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Gunshot narrowly escapes sleeping woman

LAWTON, Okla._ A woman here woke up Sunday morning to the sound of a bullet whizzing past her head. 

Hilary Santa Maria, 21, says it sounded much like a firework when a gun went off next door before penetrating through her bedroom wall and grazing her on her upper lip. 

The renter at 408 SW 13th Street, Apt. C, says he was in a different room when the gun was fired, but says friends were in his residence smoking marijuana when an argument between two men escalated.

"We were just in there playing a video game and a guy I didn't know was with a guy I knew and they get to arguing. They were playing around with the gun, arguing, fighting, something, and the gun went off."

The man, who wished to remain anonymous, says he didn't know one of his guests had a firearm. He quickly rushed to his friend's aid.

"He just kept holding his ears, and I'm like 'are you shot, are you shot'," the man recalled.

The bullet traveled through the wall and into Apt. B, where Santa Maria was sleeping. The bullet landed in a pillow within inches of her head.

"My ears are ringing; my face kind of burns for some reason like someone threw a firecracker at my face," recalls Santa Maria.

The pillow the bullet penetrated is usually where Santa Maria's 17-year-old sister sleeps. Luckily, she spent Saturday night at a friend's house.

"She definitely would have been injured," she says. "It was miraculous it missed me; so, it would have definitely hit her."

The tenant of the apartment where the bullet came from says his two guests involved in the shooting are both homeless.

Police were able to recover the bullet and a BB gun that was found over a neighbor's fence. The neighbor told police it was tossed around the time of the incident. The tenant told police that the shooter left the scene with another gun. No arrests have been made. 

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