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Cache SD locks down after mother sends death threats to her children

CACHE, Okla._ Police here say a mother who sent her children death threats is responsible for the two-hour lockdown at all Cache schools today.

Police Chief Donna Kimmel says a girl notified the school after she received a phone call from her mother saying she was going to come to the school and kill her and her younger brother.

Police say they pinged the phone that the threat came from and it turns out the mother was in Kansas at the time.

"I'm freaking out! I want to go home. What's going on?," were the thoughts running through MaKayla Gordon's head as she sat for two hours in her seventh grade classroom.

"Right then I was thinking of my brothers and sisters … but I didn't know what they were doing, I didn't know where they were," says Gordon.

While she was in school, her mom and other parents were waiting outside in a panic.

"I don't know why stuff like this happens, I mean I am concerned about the safety of my children," said Mrs. Gordon.

"You want to know is there a fire? Is there a tornado? Is there a bomb threat? I mean what's going on?," said Cory Hood, who said the school district could have worked to release more information to parents.

Chief Kimmel says when it came time to put the school on lockdown,  they weren't going to take any chances.

"We had some alleged threats made, not really against the school as much as a couple students in the school ... nobody was ever on the campus, we never had the person we are looking for anywhere near the school grounds," said Kimmel.

The lockdown was lifted shortly before 3 p.m. Students coming out of school said there was an uneasy feeling among classmates inside.

"Everyone was hoping nobody would try to break-in to the school or anything and try to kill us," said Laticia Murrow, a high school student.

She says she's happy this situation did not escalate to something more severe.

"It kind of made me scared, because I wouldn't want anybody to get hurt or anything, that would be really bad," said Murrow.

There were more than 20 officers on campus and the situation was kept under control, according to police on scene.

"I really didn't ever feel at any point in time they were in any risk or jeopardy…," said Kimmel.

Police will be back at the school tomorrow to collect statements from students and staff members. As of now, they are waiting until the mother returns to the area to speak with her. 

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