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Altus Man's Murder Trial Begins

ALTUS Okla_ The trial of the man accused of killing Melissa Bost in Altus almost two years ago finally began Wednesday.

Detectives say Manuel Daniel Jr. of Altus killed Bost after she came to his house to give him crack cocaine. Bost's body was later found in her car in an alley several miles from Daniel's house. He's charged with first-degree murder in her death and faces the death penalty if convicted.

During opening statements, the state told the jury that all the evidence and testimony heard in court will prove that Daniel killed Bost and put her in her car and drove it to an alley. They also said that on the night of Bost's death, the defendant called Bost several times in a row.

The first witness the state called to the stand Wednesday was the woman who called Altus police after she noticed a vehicle parked in the alley across from her house all day long. She remembered police dispatch telling her to see if anyone or anything was in the vehicle. She told dispatch she thought she saw a woman laying on the floorboard of the back seat. The woman turned out to be Melissa Bost.

The victim's husband was also called to the stand, and he remembered back to the last time he ever saw his wife, the night that she was killed. Anthony Bost said that night he went to sleep after 11:00PM, telling his wife goodnight right before. He awoke several hours later to get ready for his shift at work which started at 3:30 in the morning. He realized his wife and the car they shared were gone and after calling her several times and not getting a hold of her, he began to worry.

After his shift, Anthony said he went to the defendant's house to see if he'd heard from her, because he knew from phone records that he was the last person who called her. Daniel said he had seen her the night before and that she said she had to make another drop and then she was going home.

Knowing something was wrong, Anthony said he filed a missing persons report not knowing that police had just discovered a body that he would find out was his wife just hours later. Anthony and other of Melissa's family members were not willing to go on camera Wednesday, as several of them had to testify. We will keep you updated as the trial continues.



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