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Murder Victim's Classmates Plan Benefit Show

LAWTON Okla_ 7News is continuing coverage of the community's reaction to the killing this week of a Lawton man and his teenage son inside their home. 

A group of Central Middle School girls are looking to help the Rushing family. Stefan Rushing, the 13-year-old victim, attended the school with the girls. They said they plan on hosting a benefit on Feb. 1 to raise money for the family. They plan on having basically a talent show at the Great Plains Coliseum. Right now, they have around ten acts and are looking for more- up to 24.

Hannah Bacani, one of Stefan's classmates, said there is talent all over the community, and that's why they thought a talent show would be the best event. Bacani knew Stefan for a couple of years. She said he was a quiet kid who could surprise you with his humor. She said when she heard he was killed, she was shocked, wondering if it was even real or just a dream.

"Whenever we looked at his chair, it was like reality was happening," Bacani said. "Life was happening. It was hard to take."

The benefit has been completely planned by the girls, with some help from one of the girls parent's on things a 8th grader wouldn't be able to do.

Matt Ferrell, the father of one the girls, said the group was at asleep over and facebook broke the news, and he couldn't be more proud of what they did next.

"They sat down and said the right thing to do is to help this family," Ferrell said. "My chest just swelled up. I was really proud of them. They sat down with pen and paper and started coming up with ideas."

Sarah Pustejovskey had many classes with Stefan and said he was the last one you would think this would happen to, but it has brought the school together.

"When it comes like this, we come together like a family," Pustejovskey said. "We didn't just lose a classmate. We lost a friend and a family member."

Bacani said she hopes this loss will help others live their life to the fullest.

"It's not a fantasy," Bacani said. "It's something that's real, and you really have to understand there's going to be passing. There's going to be sadness, but all you have to do is just smile."

The girls are calling it "The Rushing Angel's Benefit" and it'll be held from 6PM to 8PM on Feb. 1 at the Great Plains Coliseum Annex. It'll be $5 to attend and there will be a raffle.

There is no age limit on participating in the benefit. If you have a talent of any kind, contact Tanna Ferrell at 580-704-0066.



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