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UPDATE: Stabbing Victim's Husband in Jail

 LAWTON, Okla._ Lawton police are working to find out what led to the stabbing death of a woman at a local motel.

They have arrested the victim's husband in what is Lawton's fourth homicide this week. A 911 call led police to the Budget Inn on Northwest Cache Road around 9:15PM Wednesday. Once on the scene, officers saw Herbert Haynes leaving the motel room, covered in blood. The 51-year-old man was immediately taken into custody after the body of 48-year-old Irene Haynes was found inside the room.

Court documents show that the couple has had a turbulent past. The victim was granted a protective order against the suspect in February of 2012, but they were also granted a marriage license in Oklahoma County only 9 months ago. Court records also detail a criminal past for the suspect and victim, including warrants for their arrest only one month ago for concealing stolen property. It's a past that might give police the clues they need to understand what led up to Wednesday night's murder.

Police are not telling us who made the 911 call, though.

"When officers arrived, they noticed a black male exiting the room," Lawton Police Lieutenant Charlie Martin said. "He had blood on his hands, clothing and body. After they checked the room, they found a black female that was dead from apparent stab wounds."

Now, authorities question if the condition of the motel room reveals the victim's fight to survive.

"The motel room was in disarray, but we do not know if it was like that all the time or if it was due to a struggle," Martin said.

While the number of times Irene Haynes was stabbed remains in question, police are hoping that evidence found at the scene gives them the answers they need.

"Several knives were found in the room," Martin said. "However, until they have been examined and compared to the wounds, we cannot say if they were the murder weapons or not."

That is not the only question that remains, though. Police are still looking into just how long the couple had been staying at the motel. While they think it was a week, it could have been longer. Lawton wasn't the only place they spent their time. They spent a lot of time in Oklahoma City, too.

"They appeared to be going back and forth from what we can determine at this time," Martin said.

Police believe the couple was alone inside the room at the time of the incident, and the suspect acted alone. So, they are relying on family and friends to help them understand why.

"We are still talking to family to try to determine a history between them," Martin said.

A lot of questions will remain unanswered until the autopsy report is complete at the medical examiner's office and interviews are completed with the suspect. He remains in the Lawton City Jail. Detectives are still working to piece together all elements of the case and plan to present it to the district attorney's office in the next 48 hours.


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