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Spike in Lawton burglaries, trend not slowing down (Maps included)

LAWTON, Okla._ Police here say they've responded to an increasing number of burglary calls since the start of the year. 

There have been nearly 100 reports of people breaking into and stealing items from homes, cars and businesses across the city since Jan. 1. These criminals are after everything from big screen television sets to prescription medications. In just the past few days there have been nearly 20 residential burglary reports from northwest and southwest Lawton neighborhoods alone.  

"There was a knocking on the front door, they didn't answer it of course, and someone had just kicked in the door, saw someone was there and ran off," said Nola McReynold's of her two neighbors' break-ins.

In the southwest part of the city there have been eight homes burglarized within the past week. In northwest Lawton there were another eight incidents. (Maps included)

"They told me ‘go ahead and keep my weapons loaded because they don't know who's doing it'," said McReynolds. "This really isn't a safe neighborhood at all.

Lawton police say they need as many eyes on the streets as they can get.

"We're asking for everybody's help to help curb some of this type of activity," said LPD Captain Cliff Blasengame.

He says burglaries are incidents police get called out to often, but this week's numbers are higher than normal.

"We have seen a trend that we're starting to see more of this type of activity."

In a number of recent residential burglaries, police reports state the burglar in many cases is kicking in either the back or front door.

"We are seeing that more often. The guys that are doing these kinds of crimes are getting a little bolder," said Blasengame.

Joshua Moore is a victim of a break-in in his northwest neighborhood Monday. He says he left his home for over an hour and came home to a nightmare.

"They had taken a hammer and a screwdriver and popped open my fiancée's lockbox and stole her Lortabs, her Xanax, her morphine and a bunch of her meds," said Moore.

The medications and belongings that were taken totaled more than $4,000. He says he might have a lead on who is responsible.

"I kept seeing a black Honda Accord or Toyota drive down my street all the time and I never noticed it before, but I just started recently noticing it (and) now that it happened it doesn't come down the street no more," said Moore.

Another big concern, police say, are car break-ins. LPD has seen a lot of them recently and say thieves are walking by cars in neighborhoods looking for an opportunity like an unlocked vehicle.

"People need to be very vigilant and look at their streets and look at their neighborhoods," said Blasengame. 

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