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Okla. Lawmaker Names Pro-Gun Bill After CNN Host

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TULSA Okla_ An Oklahoma state senator and British CNN Host Piers Morgan have entered into a duel over gun rights.

State Senator Nathan Dahm of Tulsa proposed House Bill 1473, also called the 'Piers Morgan Right to Constitutionally Keep and Bear Arms Without Infringement Act'. It's so named because Morgan has been quite vocal with his anti-gun views. 

Senator Dahm is unhappy with the current self defense act and wants no gun control, citing that it's hard for minors and the elderly to be able to properly protect themselves because the price of the concealed carry classes are too expensive for those on a fixed income or those that don't have the time to jump through the hoops.

Dahm's proposed law would allow anyone to carry a firearm without a license; any firearm, whether its a long rifle, shotgun, or handgun. He believes its our right to do so.

"It's that under the 2nd amendment, we have the right to," Dahm said. "That's where a lot of people are confused about the 2nd amendment. We have a right to be able to do that in self defense."

Some criminal law enforcement experts say if passed, the bill could be lead to more bad than good.

"If the weapons are certainly more available in the hands of people that haven't been through a safety course or aren't fully able to handle that weapon, when they have their disputes and their arguments, the presence of a firearm makes it more likely that a firearm may be introduced in that conflict," Cameron University Criminal Justice Instructor Rick Lowe said.

Senator Dahm said the guns are needed for protection, though. He cited the Rodney King riots as an example where firearms could have helped.

"During the Rodney King riots in L.A. back in the early 90's, there were plenty of shop owners who needed those rifles," Dahm said. "They needed those weapons to have been able to protect themselves and their stores, their property from looters."

Others said they don't feel any changes to current gun laws are needed.

"I think the legislators in Oklahoma have given this a lot of thought and have already enacted a bill they are comfortable with," Lowe said.

Dahm said he didn't introduce this bill to get the attention on him or Piers Morgan, but only to draw attention to a topic he believes needs to be discussed and something that needs to be debated. By naming the bill after Piers Morgan, Mr. Dahm has created quite a feud and was invited to be on Morgan's show next Monday.

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