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Trail Dance Film Festival Kicks Off in Duncan

DUNCAN Okla_ The 8th Annual Trail Dance Film Festival is kicking off in Duncan Friday night.

Nearly 100 films from all over the world step into the spotlight this weekend, as they compete for the coveted Golden Drover Award. Organizers hope to see over 3,000 people at both the Simmons Center and Chisholm Trail Heritage Center this weekend for the event.

Shorts, documentaries, even feature films coming from places like New York, L.A., Spain, Australia are all covered this year. The festival is quite the undertaking for founder Anthony Foreman and his team. He said it gives Southwest Oklahoma a little dash of extra culture and arts, and that's what makes it all worth it.

"There's obviously something here for everyone," Foreman said.

Stages are set, lights are flipped on, and films are heating up in Duncan. It's been no small feat, either.

"We receive around 250-300 films every year," Foreman said. "We pull that down to about 100 films that screen. It's a battle because of the number of films we receive and the categories fill up very quickly."

Now that the schedule is set, Foreman said aspiring filmmakers and moviegoers alike will be able to catch a glimpse at what the business is all about.

"It's really interesting for the audience to be able to interact with filmmakers after a film," Foreman said. "They can find out more about the film and the topic and learn and grow from that experience."

Most films aren't just there to pack a full house; they're also in some serious competition. Filmmakers are vying the Golden Drover, who could be considered the Oscar of Oklahoma.

"The Golden Drover is a statue that represents a cowboy on the trail," Foreman said. "It also represents what filmmakers do as a team, just the drovers did when herding cattle. Everyone had to work together to meet their final goal."

So what's it take to snag one of these 20 bad boys?

"To be the best of the best is how you get The Golden Drover," Foreman said. "We choose those that really stand out."

In the meantime, Foreman hopes his silver screen showcase will open Duncan up to brand new worlds in the name of cinema. Even local high schools and colleges are showing films of their own this weekend. After all the films are over, the Golden Drovers will be handed out at an awards ceremony at the Simmons Center. That's followed by an after-party with country artist Amber Hayes performing at the Wall Street Bar. Of course, each and every event is open to the public.

Tickets are available from $7 per film to $40 for the whole weekend, and everything in between. To see a complete schedule, click here.

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