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Terminal Cancer Patient Gets Surprise Birthday Party

Lawton, Okla_When you don't have much time to live, everyday is special, especially your birthday. Ryan David was diagnosed last May with terminal cancer so this birthday is special, as it may be his last.

The manager of American Legion Post 29 made it her mission to provide an amazing 27th birthday party that was quite a surprise for Ryan.

When American Legion Post 29 Manager Gina Ward found out about Ryan's illness she knew she had to throw a big birthday party for him. The event left a big impact on his family, especially his mother.

"We are going to celebrate my son's birthday. We are going to celebrate, party and have a good time," said Beverly Young, Ryan's mother.

Ryan didn't think it was going to be this big, in fact, he thought that they were just going to go to Duncan for some food, but he got a surprise instead.

"Well I cried when I came in the door. So like I said, I just thought it was just going to be close friends and family but had no idea," said Ryan.

The idea for this event all started when Beverly walked into the American Legion thinking it was something else.

Gina Ward said, "She actually walked into the door and actually thought she was somewhere else and I said well this is the American Legion what can I help you with?"

After hearing the story about Ryan, it was an easy choice to host his 27th birthday party.

"I love to do things for children. 27-years-old is not a child, but for me it is especially if they are sick. It's his birthday, probably his last, and I want him to be happy," said Ward.

There is no doubt he was happy, and so was his family. There is a long road ahead, but special days like this build strength.

"I am going to get through this the best I can with my family and friends, and he is too. He is very strong. I am proud of him, very proud," said Young.

In response to the party that was planned for him, Ryan said, "thank you and I love you."

Ryan David is still going through chemotherapy, but doctors tell him there is no cure.   He had a great day Saturday, and even became an honorary member of American Legion Troop 29.

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