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Altus murder trial continues

Altus, Okla._The jury in the Manuel Daniel, Junior murder trial in Altus heard today from a woman who was a friend of both Daniel and the victim at the time of her murder.

Daniel's on trial for the killing of Melissa Bost back in February of 2012. Today's testimony came on the 4th day of the prosecution's case. The woman said Daniel had told her something prior to Bost's murder that just didn't sit right with her.

Mindy Wedgeworth testified today that she used to buy drugs from Melissa Bost and was also good friends with Manuel Daniel. She has since quit using. The day before Bost's body was found; Daniel called Wedgeworth to see if she had seen Bost, saying that Bost's husband was looking for her. After telling him, 'no', she didn't give it much thought.

Wedgeworth later found out from someone else that Bost had been murdered, she called Daniel to tell him and Daniel responded by telling her that police were going to want to question him because he was the last person to see her. A week or so before Bost's death, Daniel was helping Wedgeworth with a project and Daniel told her," If you knew how I've been thinking, you wouldn't want me around. I've been thinking really evil thoughts lately."

Those statements didn't seem to mean anything to her at the time, but later realized their significance.  Daniel also told Wedgeworth the day after Bost's murder that he was cleaning his house and it was going to take all day, which she found unusual because his house hadn't been clean in a long time. Wedgeworth was interviewed by police several times and it wasn't until an interview in May of 2012 that she told police that she thought Daniel had murdered Bost.

The defense asked Wedgeworth if she had witnessed or been involved in Bost's murder in any way and she replied that she had not. Testimony will resume tomorrow.

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