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Voters to decide fate of $30M LPS bond issue

LAWTON, Okla._ Lawtonians will soon decide in a special election whether or not approve the funding for a 10 year, $30 million bond issue for Lawton Public Schools.

The school board approved two separate proposals at Monday night's meeting. That decision paved the way for an April 1 election.

A previous bond issue ends later this year which has brought in nearly $3 million to the district since 2004. This new bond issue, if approved, will essentially continue the old one and be used not only for building renovations, but also technology and transportation improvements.

The first proposal encompasses the building renovations, money for classroom materials and new computers.

"It's not uncommon to run into 15-year-old computers," said Deighan, followed by sighs in the audience of more than 30 LPS principals.

He hopes new funds will allow the district to purchase new teacher computers and computer labs for the district's 32 sites. Deighan also hopes for steady growth in the S.T.E.M. fields, which has been a recent push throughout the system.

"Most jobs that don't even exist now are going to be science, technology, engineering and mathematics related ... it needs to become our focus, our priority," said Deighan. "Everything depends on S.T.E.M. from this point on.

Lisa Carson, principal at Woodland Hills Elementary, says her school has felt the impact of going without for so long.

"Our teacher computers are so old, so a lesson that should take 30-40 minutes, a lot of times they're not able to finish it," said Carson.

The second proposal the board approved would allow the district to spend $650,000 a year on buses for the next 10 years. More than $7 million will be used from the bond issue to upgrade the existing fleet.

"This bond has been designed to where if the voters were to approve it there would be no tax increase on property," the superintendent said.

In order to be approved, the bond must receive a super-majority of at least 60 percent on April 1. 

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