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Witness says she saw Daniel murder Bost


ALTUS, Okla__ A witness in the Manuel Daniel murder trial in Altus told the jury today that she saw the defendant murder Melissa Bost back in February of 2012.

Alicia Rosales said she was already at Daniel's house that night waiting for Bost to bring them crack cocaine.

Her testimony highlighted the fifth day of the prosecution calling its witnesses to the stand.

Rosales is currently serving time in jail for accessory to robbery.

Prosecutors say she was part of a plan with Daniel to rob Bost the night of the murder. 

She, Daniel and another friend, identified as Alex, were waiting on Bost to arrive with the drugs so they could get high.

She said the defendant and the other man devised a plan to rob Bost of her money and drugs, because none of them had money to pay her, but what happened when Bost arrived shocked Rosales.  

Before Bost got to Daniel's house, Daniel told Rosales not to come out of the middle room when Bost got there.

Rosales could see into the front room and saw Alex hit Bost with a bar repeatedly and Daniel stabbing her.

Rosales couldn't attest to how many times Daniel stabbed Bost, but she knew it had to have been at least five times.

Rosales said Bost then ran into the room she was in screaming for her to help, but she was in shock and scared for her own life, so she did nothing to stop it.

After that, she said Bost was fighting for her live, screaming and scratching Daniel.

Bost even tried to run out the front door but Daniel stopped her by pulling her hair until she fell to the ground.

The next thing Rosales knew Daniel and Alex were carrying her body out of the house.

Rosales said it was like they were throwing her into her car like a dog.

Rosales said she doesn't know what happened after they left the house, because she was in such shock of what she had witnessed and left.

Prior to Bost's body being carried out of the house, Daniel told Alex to kill Rosales but Alex said no.

She said Alex then told her, "If you tell anything you're going to get it worse than her."
Rosales said she has not had any contact with either of them since that incident, but she received threats from others saying that she knew too much and was going to be next.
Rosales was interviewed by detectives several times before she finally told her truthful encounter of what happened that night.

The jury was told that Rosales is receiving a plea deal in exchange for her truthful testimony. 
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