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Daniel murder trial comes to an end

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Altus, Okla._After six days of testimony, the prosecution and the defense have both rested in the Manuel Daniel, junior murder trial in Altus.

The defense tried to discredit testimony from prosecution witness Alicia Rosales today. Rosales was the woman who testified yesterday that she witnessed Daniel murder Melissa Bost that night back in February of 2012.

As the defense tried to tear down Rosales' credibility with the jury today,  she admitted to lying in her first two interviews with detectives, and didn't admit to witnessing the murder until the third time she was questioned. The defense claimed Rosales only changed her story to satisfy detectives. 

The defense accused Rosales of filling in the gaps of her story from the night of Bost's murder, and then changing that story. The defense asked her if she did that because the detectives were not satisfied with her story Rosales said no, she said the first two times she lied because she was scared for her life. The prosecution told the jury during re-direct examination that even though Rosales has changed her story about the events that took place that night, she has always said that the defendant stabbed Bost. They said Rosales also never changed her story about only knowing a robbery was planned for that night, even though detectives always thought she was more involved in Bost's murder. The defense said that during Rosales' first interview she said she wasn't even at Daniel's house during the murder, but in order to get her to tell the truth, detectives told her they had her DNA and her bloody hand print from the crime scene. It wasn't until that point that Rosales told the truth.

The defense asked Rosales if she lied yesterday when saying that she hadn't seen Daniel since the murder-- she had testified that Daniel had defensive wounds from Bost.

The defense called it's one and final witness to the stand, Edward Britten said Daniel was doing roofing work for him the day of Bost's murder. The defense was trying to make the point that Daniel could have been scratched or cut by roofing, not from Bost fighting back. Britten said he had no knowledge of Daniel getting hurt on the job because he didn't see or hear about it.

The court is in recess until 9:30 tomorrow morning when closing arguments will be heard, and then the jury will begin deliberating.

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