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Stephone Carter Murder Trial Continues

LAWTON, Okla._Testimony has finished in the trial of the man charged with the October 2012 murder of Tanya Zachary in Lawton.

The trial for Stephone Carter continued this morning at the Comanche County Courthouse.

Prosecutors say Carter killed Tanya Zachary at while she was babysitting at the Sanders Heights Apartments.

The State said following his arrest, Stephone Carter admitted to shooting Tanya Zachary, just one hour after being questioned by police.

Carter told investigators he went to the apartment where Zachary was babysitting with the intentions of buying drugs.

He says he shot her in self defense when he saw she had a gun shortly after they argued.

But the State says that's not exactly true. And they intended to prove it today.

The first witness that prosecutors would call in the case against Stephone Carter was Lawton Detective Ken Parsons.

Shortly after taking the stand, the state presented an hour and a half long video of investigator's interviews with Carter where he finally breaks down and confesses to Zachary's murder after an hour of maintaining his innocence. After the video played, the state questioned detective parsons about the procedures he used to get Carter to confess. He responded by saying that after he had questioned several key witnesses about the event who all pointed to Carter as the triggerman, he did lie to Carter about specific details in order to get the defendant to open up and tell officers what really happened. He says his goal during the interrogation was to get all of the facts of the case.

Among the next witnesses called was a forensic pathologist in charge of conducting Zachary's autopsy. In her report, she determined that Zachary died because of the gunshot wound to her arm and chest that fractured her ribs and punctured a lung. The defense fired back with questions, asking if the pathologist knew what position the victim's arm was in during the shooting, but she didn't. Finally, the last witness was a transcript from testimony of a friend of Carter's who was in town from Oklahoma City to visit him the day of the murder. She says she saw Carter with a gun two times -- when he left his mother's house that day and returned later that night. After the transcript from October 2013 was finished being read, the State rested their case against the defendant.

After the State finished their case, there was thought that Carter would decide to take the stand himself, but after a brief recess, we found out that wouldn't happen. Court has been adjorned for the day. Proceedings will pick right back up Friday morning with closing statements, before the entire case is handed over to the jury.

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