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Family reaction to Daniel's sentence

ALTUS, Okla._After six hours of deliberation, Manuel Daniel has been found guilty of murder.

The jury listened to testimony for six days and last night deliberated for six hours when the announcement was made that the jury had finally reached their verdict. Jurors lined up one last and returned to the courtroom where the verdict was read.

Emotions were high during those six long hours of waiting but once the verdict was read both Melissa Bost's and the defendant's families were both overcome with emotion, but for different reasons. Sorrow overcame the faces of Daniel's family and tears of joy ran from the faces of Bost's family and for the first time in a week, Manuel Daniel showed emotion; shock and disbelief that he was found guilty.

Shackled and handcuffed, Daniel was treated like a convicted murderer for the first time in his trial. He gave one final wave to his family before being taken out of the courtroom for the last time. Daniel's sister voiced her option after walking out of the courtroom.

"He is innocent, no matter what anyone says I love my brother."

While Melissa's husband, Tony Bost said he's glad that justice has been served and he can finally get some closure.

"Maybe she can rest in peace now and I just want to say that she was a person, not just somebody that used drugs and did whatever they say she did," said Bost.

He has been waiting for this day for almost two years and said what's next for him is simple.

"I just live life. I trust God with my life and I just live life and hopefully my kids will do the same. She was just a good person that made bad choices but she was still a person, had a good soul, and had a good heart and I don't think anybody deserves to go that way but God has the last word. I don't have any control over that," said Bost.

The jury recommended that Daniel be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

His formal sentencing is set for March 4th.


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