Jan Stratton reflects on her outstanding career

LAWTON, Okla._Jan's friends, family and co-workers from various points in her career filled the newsroom today to watch her final newscast.

Friday's broadcast was the closing of a chapter, the end of an era for Jan Stratton.

"I am shocked. I am very emotional. I didn't expect it because this is something that I have really been looking forward to."

Her voice has filled our homes for over 33 years.

"I have loved 99% of everything that I have done here and the people that I have worked with."

Friday, as she took her place at the anchor desk for the last time she remembers always hoping for a successful newscast with no mistakes for the viewers at home.

"I hope that we did a good job, and I say we because this is a collaborative effort. One person does not do it. I have had some great people along the way. And I credit them with anything we have done along the way."

And Friday she didn't do it alone, joined by Nicole Jolly and Andy Wallace, two people she hired to work at the station, took a look back at her award winning career.

"Jan is the person that said I am going to give you that chance and that start. The number of newscasts that she has seen, it is just a privilege to be here and we are so happy for her," said Nicole Jolly and Andy Wallace.

Jan was extremely influential on the station, shaping the news product we provide each day. But to everyone that had the chance to watch her and work with her, she was more.

"She didn't just come in and have a pretty face and read the news, she got back there behind the scenes. She has worked rather it was 3am. She has mentored so many people. OKC bombing, May 3rd, the list goes on. She has seen things and has been here since many of these people were born and that means everything," said Jolly and Wallace.

And her final broadcast showed that from start to finish.

"This is my last newscast and I just want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone over last 33 years who's made this job vital, exciting, challenging, exhausting, sad, sometimes frustrating, often fun, but always interesting. I've had the privilege of meeting astronauts, city, state and national leaders, brilliant educators, you name it. But most times, the best stories were courtesy of you. Thanks to all of you whom I've met, spoken to, interviewed and also to all of you whom I've never met but who are loyal viewers.

Most of you are the nicest, kindest people anywhere; the kind that makes southwest Oklahoma a wonderful place to call home. And thanks to the hundreds of people I've worked with and for. I learned so much from all of you and I love that I still hear from some of you and even share a meal now and then with you. It's been an honor," said Jan in her final show closing.

She will be missed dearly by everyone at 7News.