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How to prepare for Sunday's winter weather

LAWTON, Okla__ A winter storm is headed to southwest Oklahoma.

Regions are looking to have anywhere from a light dusting to more than 5 inches, and it may not be as big of a storm as the northeast has seen lately, but just a little can cause road hazards.

Old man winter is once again knocking on the door of Texoma, and whether or not we lock that door he's coming in anyway, but what we can do is prepare now.

Our very own SkyWarn7 Meteorologist Zac Scott tells us how even a dusting can cause potential hazards.

"People just always think just cause it is an inch of snow or two inches of snow or three that it's not going to be bad.  Snow is better to drive on, but it is just as slick out there, and when you have to slam on your breaks it's just all the same when you start sliding," Scott said.

Zac also suggests being prepared even if you're just going down the road to the store by wearing warm clothes. However, if you have the choice do your errands Saturday and beat the winter weather.

Kenneth Easton, of Easton's Ace Hardware, agrees, saying too many times he's seen too many people wait until the last minute.

"I always recommend they coming and getting it before we actually get bad in the storm so they can be off the roads as best they can, and not be on the ice.  Having them prepare for their homes or their business," Easton said.

Easton predicts mostly he will see customers buy de-icer, scrapers, and since we live in a community where people move in a lot, a few shovels.

Zac also had tips for those who absolutely have to get out on the road once the storm has hit.

"Just give yourself plenty of time because there are going to be slick spots out there, or just take the time to plan on there being slick spots, and if there aren't slick spots than that's even better, but at least you were prepared, you took your time, you weren't in a hurry and you made it safely," Scott said.

As always during the storm stick with 7News as we keep you updated on the weather as well with road conditions and closings.
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