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Heavy Snow Impacts Lawton

Lawton, Okla_ Sunday's overnight winter storm had a large impact here in southwest Oklahoma.

Some places got nearly a foot of snow, and that snow and ice led to car accidents, stranded motorists, and people venturing to have some fun, whether it was building a snowman or sledding.

Sledding down Cameron Hill is a tradition here in Lawton when it snows.  With nearly a foot of snow on the ground, several families showed up for a good time.

Apart from sledding down a hill, some drivers were sliding on the roads, and others were getting stuck. Just getting the car out of the driveway seemed to be a big task with the large amount of snow we got.

Several cars got stuck after sliding off of the roads into deep snow drifts.

Other drivers were left spinning their wheels trying to get traction just to get where they were going.

With a foot of snow, driving on the roads is something you didn't want to do if you didn't have to.

The roads were just too dangerous to even think about venturing out, even though lots of people did.  

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol warned that road conditions will only worsen throughout Sunday night.

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