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Several serious falls reported

Lawton, Ok_ Winter weather means more people slipping and sliding all over the road but if you think tires and tread are the only ones locking up, think again.

Emergency crews were busy Monday answering a number of calls about serious falls on the ice. "It seems like people are out and about going off into work and everything, they're coming in," said Kristi Bass, a registered nurse at Comanche County Memorial Hospital.

"They started coming in yesterday and trickled in this morning. Anybody of any age or health status can fall. Not wearing the proper shoes and not getting your footing before you take the next step or stepping down stairs. It's real easy to fall," said Bass.

Comanche County Memorial Hospital has treated 10 people today and so have emergency workers at Southwestern Medical Center. To avoid showing up in the ER with injuries from a fall, there are some things you can do. "Make sure you have your sidewalks and stuff shoveled off and put down kitty litter or gravel to give yourself some traction," said Bass.

Bass also said your best defense against wiping out in wintry weather is as easy as staying home. "If you don't have to go anywhere for the safety of just everybody in general, if you don't have to get out, please stay home so that you don't get injured or possibly injure somebody else," Bass said.

As far as drivers are concerned, Comanche County Emergency Management Director Clint Wagstaff said with each storm, Lawton drivers are improving when it comes to navigating the roads. "We get enough warning out ahead of time, and prepare messages to the citizens that they know what to expect. And they slow down," said Wagstaff.

In the meantime, Wagstaff said main roads will be clear for drivers during the day since they are treated with de-icing solutions and traveled heavily. He advised to take extra precaution overnight and during the early morning hours when temperatures are lower and melted ice refreezes on blacktops and asphalt.

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