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Testimony begins in Klayton Kitchens murder trial

LAWTON, Okla__ Testimony started in the first-degree murder trial of Klayton Kitchens, the man accused of shooting and killing his friend Christopher Moore last May.

Kitchens has admitted to the shooting all along, but told investigators that he fired shots in self-defense after an argument escalated.

The argument was over a stolen gun that Kitchens believed Moore stole from him, and then Moore said he found the guy who now owns it.

Also saying the guy would sell it back to Kitchens for $800, but never tell Kitchens who it was.


Kitchens, however, did not see it going down that way.

Opening statements started with the State talking about the stolen gun, and saying Kitchens told police when he was heading to his grandfather's land with Moore to buy the gun, he thought, "I'm not paying for this gun."

They followed up that opening statement by showing the jury a police interview with Kitchens, where he told detectives he and Moore were in Moore's truck together going to the land, and he some how found one bullet for the gun in the truck.

He then asked to see the gun and later put that bullet in.

He even told the detectives he thought of jumping out of the truck at one point, but once at the property, he immediately got out of the truck pointing it at Moore and yelled, "Get out of here!"

Kitchens told the detectives Moore kept getting closer yelling, "Give me the gun!"

Kitchens yelled back, "back up Chris, Chris I don't want to shoot you, it's loaded," but Moore lunged and that's when Kitchens shot.

In the defense's opening statement, they said Kitchens was afraid for his life, because Kitchens believed Moore was in a gang, and was tough.

When cross examining an officer, who was first on the scene, the defense tried to prove Moore was in a gang by examining his clothes, and how he wore his pants hanging below his waist.

They said gang members wear their clothes that way.

The defense also said kitchens couldn't just fight Moore off because kitchens had a broken arm and was in a cast.

Kitchens' grandfather also testified about what he told Klayton to do after he heard the gunshot.

He said you got to call the police, and Klayton said, "What for?" and "I don't want to go to jail."

His grandfather said Kitchens did immediately call the police after that.

Testimony will continue tomorrow morning.
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