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GEO Inmate Begins Trial for Prison Murder

LAWTON, Okla._A man accused of stabbing a fellow inmate to death at the GEO prison in Lawton back in 2012 is now back in court to stand trial.

Ryan Garcia is one of three inmates prosecutors say stabbed 25-year-old Sonny Limpy with a makeshift knife.

After a long jury selection process, the trial got started late this afternoon with opening statements.

The State says Garcia was part of a movement to unite all Hispanic gangs within Oklahoma, and Sonny Limpy was actively against that. And that's why he was targeted from the very moment he was transferred into the GEO prison.

Assistant District Attorney Jay Walker was first to address the jury on the ins and outs of life in the GEO prison and how gangs are housed together in the facility. He told them how Limpy transferred from another prison and came in with the reputation of being against the unification of the Hispanic gang system. Walker says that gave gang members within the prison the "green light" to kill Limpy.

He describes the scene of the cell block and how several  gang members including Garcia devised a plan to stab Limpy in a corner where cameras couldn't reach.

Before finishing, the state gave jurors a list of participants in the stabbing and their nicknames in order to keep future witness references intact. Walker also announced that they will view the surveillance video which will actually show the stabbing taking place.

In closing, he told jurors that "there's no doubt" that Garcia was not only a gang member carrying out orders, but a man willing to do anything to make sure Limpy never walked out of the prison.

After the State wrapped up their opening statements, it was time for the defense to say their piece. After that, one witness was able to take the stand before Judge Aycock called a recess for the night.

If convicted, Garcia could face life in prison without parole.

Testimony in day two of the Garcia murder trial is expected to start at the Comanche County Courthouse Thursday morning at 9 a.m.

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