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Surveillance Video in Garcia Trial Shows Inmate's Brutal Death

LAWTON, Okla._The Ryan Garcia murder trial continued Thursday at the Comanche County Courthouse.

Prosecutors brought several witnesses to the stand, including prison supervisors and Lawton detectives. GEO inmates were also questioned, including those took part in the attack of 25-year-old Sonny Limpy. Garcia is accused of stabbing Limpy to death at the prison back in 2012.

The prosecution started the morning off by diving into the investigation that GEO prison officials started within minutes after Limpy was rushed to the hospital. Several questions were asked of shift supervisors who were on the clock that fateful night. And in order for the jury to get an idea of just how brutal Limpy's death was, they were shown raw surveillance video of how it all went down.

Raw emotion and shock rang out in Judge Aycock's courtroom as prosecutors presented the jury with video of Limpy's death. According to inmate witnesses, the plan was to do it all underneath the stairwell of Cell Block Charlie so that cameras wouldn't be able to see. But somehow despite being stabbed and beaten repeatedly, Limpy managed to get away. That's when he ran to the pod door desperately trying to contact officers. It's there that he's in full sight of the camera -- and there where detectives say Ryan Garcia walks straight up to him and starts attacking him once again.

Inmate Santiago Albrado took the stand and told the court about his involvement. He explains that Limpy didn't support the unification of the Mexican mafia in Oklahoma or what they call quote "The Movement." He says Sonny Limpy was assigned to be his cellmate, however, as soon as he walked in and introduced himself, Albrado was compelled to tell gang leader Alonzo Flores about him. Although he claims to not be a member of a gang, he says he would've been killed if he hadn't spoken up. From there, he says a meeting was held to put a hit out on Limpy -- a meeting that Garcia was an active member of.

But the defense fired back -- asking Albrado and another inmate repeatedly if they had seen Garcia with a weapon in his hand during the attack. They say they could not confirm, but they said they could tell Garcia was stabbing Sonny Limpy.

The day wrapped up with the jury watching a Lawton detective's interrogation with Garcia hours after the crime happened. In that interview, Garcia tells police that Limpy was the first to attack Garcia and other inmates in the cell block that day.

The state rested its case after Thursday's testimony. Friday morning, the defense will take their turn, before the case is handed over to jurors.

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