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Winter supplies in short supply

LAWTON, Okla_The recent snow and cold have temperatures emptied store shelves.

Some area businesses are having a hard time keep things stocked, like heaters and food. When people hear the forecast call for cold weather, they run to the stores to get what they need.

Groceries and things you need to keep warm are the fastest to go.

Grocery stores today were fully stocked after getting a delivery truck yesterday.  Before that though shelves were empty; milk, bread, and water nearly all gone.

Hardware stores still have empty shelves where space heaters and snow shovels should be. Eddie Young, manager of Save-A-Lot in Lawton says that at the beginning of the month the store was ready but by Monday they were almost out and in need of a delivery truck.

"We were prepared for the first of the month, expecting a good day. So we were able to last.  Come Monday we were ready for a truck," said Young.

Basic supplies like water and bread nearly gone after people stocked up getting ready for tough winter weather.  It's not just food stores are running out off.  Ice scrapers and space heaters are also a hot commodity this time of year.

Kenneth Easton of Easton's Ace Hardware said it is a supply and demand issue that the whole country is facing.

"When you go into a season like the one you are in now, it's the coldest in ten to fifteen years according to what news people say, here and across the country.  More than 60% of the country was covered with either ice or snow this morning, there is a demand for them," said Easton.

If you can't find a space heater there are alternatives that Easton says work just as well, like propane and kerosene heaters.

"They work very, very fine like space heaters do.  It's just a little more work, you got to keep kerosene in them just like you're putting gas in your car," said Easton

Easton says most manufacturers that make those space heaters also make fans and since we are forty some days away from spring, they have turned their production towards fans.

Also the best way to prepare for winter weather is before, so you can beat the crowds and get the necessary stuff to keep you safe and warm.

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