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Local pastor on trial for child sexual abuse

LAWTON, Okla._A teenager took the stand in Comanche County Court today and accused a Lawton pastor of sexually abusing him inside a church.

He was the first witness in the trial of Bobby Burrell, who is charged with child sexual abuse. Police started investigating Burrell back in October of 2012 but didn't arrest him until August of 2013.

Monday, the state said while Burrell was a minister at "One More Soul Outreach Ministries", he masturbated in front of a 16-year-old and then lied to police and the Department of Human Services once he was confronted about it.

Burrell was not only a pastor but a youth guidance specialist at the Sequoyah Home where the alleged victim was staying. The state said Burrell took the victim to his church to do some tile work in one of the bathrooms but did so without filling out the proper paperwork; which is mandated by the home's policy.

The testimony given was about actions that are not acceptable for anyone, but especially a pastor. The accuser said he had been living at the home for a short amount of time but already did not like having to stay cooped up inside all the time, so when Burrell asked if he would help re-tile his church's bathroom, the alleged victim was all for it.

He said things started to get uncomfortable from there. In the drive there, the teenager said Burrell asked about girls and asked questions about sex. Then Burrell played porn on his phone and plugged it into the speakers of the car to make it louder.

At the church, they didn't work on tiles, yet. The accuser said Burrell took him to his office and played porn on a computer and asked what kind he liked before picking his own type. Things didn't end there, the accuser said Burrell put his shirt over his head and started masturbating, and asked him why he wouldn't join before insulting him for not doing it.

To make things worse the accuser claims Burrell used anointment oils during the act. After the incident, they then worked on the tiles for a few hours before Burrell took him back to the home saying "what happens at the church stays at the church."

The state will continue their case Tuesday morning.

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