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Tax season revs up, area tax assistance businesses staying busy

LAWTON, Okla._ Income tax season is now in full swing and many people are taking advantage of tax assistance services in our area.

It is always a debate to file your own taxes and save some cash or to leave it to the professionals. TurboTax and other software programs have gained popularity, but many put their trust in the pros in hopes of getting a bigger refund check.

"I usually wait until close to the deadline," says Andre Leverette, who was getting his taxes done at H&R Block Monday afternoon way ahead of the April 15 deadline.

Tax assistance is in high demand. The phones were ringing off the hook at Liberty Tax Service in Lawton.

"This is where we get the most filers to come in is at this time," says David Myers, a 12-year tax vet and general manager at Liberty.

Filing earlier, he says, is always the better option.

"If there is a mistake on your tax return you can easily get it fixed," says Myers. "If you end up owing, it gives you time to plan and budget for paying back the IRS by April 15."

W2 forms and the infamous 1040's can be a hassle to fill out and Myers says even one mistake can cost you some money.

"We alleviate the pressure and fear of filing your taxes."

Doing it yourself, however, is something he says is possible and fairly simple.

"The (computer software) programs work wonderfully, but I'm more of a face-to-face kind of person," says Myers.

It will cost around $250 to have a tax specialist take care of your paperwork at Liberty and H&R Block but for many it's worth it in order to maximize their return.

"You need someone that knows what they're doing ... there (are) so many laws that change from year-to-year and loopholes," says Leverette.

Myers says the number one piece of advice he gives is to simply file on time.

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