Temple family loses home in early morning fire

TEMPLE, Okla._Fire crews responded to the scene of a house fire in Temple around 5 a.m. Wednesday. They were able to get it under control it in just a few hours but hidden flames under the floor caused it to re-ignite.

The Temple Fire Chief said the family happened to be out of town, but sadly they did lose their pet dog.

"It's a single mother with two children in the household, one's 15 and one's 16.  They pretty well lost everything of their belongings, thank goodness they didn't lose one another," said Fire Chief Chris Medcalf.

Medcalf said the mom does all she can to take care of her two daughters, which includes driving the nearly 100 mile round trip to her job in Wichita Falls. When the fire started, neighbors described hearing a loud boom like an explosion in the house, Medcalf has a theory on how that happened.

"The fire gets in the house, gets going and burns all the oxygen out. It'll make a flash eventually. When it does that, it'll pop a window, a doorway, or somewhere it's going to draw its air. It's going to make a flash and when it does it'll make some noise."

Medcalf said the flames were some of the highest he has seen in a while. He also said that one of his fire fighters could see them a few miles out when driving to the scene. With the wind giving it a constant fuel source to feed off of, Medcalf said crews will continue to keep an eye on the house.

"We'll sit here and watch it until we get it done and we know it is out and feel comfortable with it before we go home."

The family is being put up by the Red Cross Wednesday night as they begin to sort their affairs after a devastating fire.