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Paper: Flipboard meets Facebook

LAWTON, Okla._Facebook says they've created a new way to enjoy your friend's stories. It's a new smartphone app for iPhones that has redesigned the traditional Facebook app and many tech experts are calling it a success.

The new app is called Paper, but is fully digital of course. Forget the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times, this app hopes to bring everything together into one; making news more social and it's already getting rave reviews; a new app with a simple name, yet complex design, putting everything at your fingertips. 

Paper is Facebook's newest release and it's already on the best new apps list. It's helping tie together your favorite news sources like traditional newspapers but embeds it among Facebook posts from friends.

You connect simply through your personal Facebook page and then you choose what you want to see; selecting from categories like headlines, tech, and pop life. With each new category comes new stories, but Facebook never leaves your side, you see it there on every screen in the top right hand corner. Whether it's a picture or a moment shared by a friend, the latest from the front page or a quirky viral video that has you laughing, it's all in one spot.

You see the cards at the bottom, slide up to see it in full screen, side to side for more postings or make use of the tilt feature, which is helping bring hi-def images to life.      

Of course you'll have to spend some time with the app learning the ins and out, but it's just one more piece of technology in this fast-paced world we live in helping to bring everything right to your fingertips.

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