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Finding love in Loveland

LOVELAND, Okla._Valentine's Day is usually reserved for those who have significant others, a day of romance full of flowers, heart shaped chocolate boxes, and cards. For the single people, some just want to know where they can find true love so they, too, can have a Valentine.

If you are on the receiving end of a singing telegram of love you might enjoy it, but if you are single, lonely and wishing you had a Valentine today, then it might make you little sick. To find the answer of where love can be found, people at the mall were asked where you can fall in love.

Some of them say taking to the Internet using websites like, or Others who have found love already bring their other half with them wherever they go, "I don't know. I brought love with me to Oklahoma so."  

Others weren't as lucky but believe it's only a matter of driving north, "outside of Lawton, not here. As far as maybe Norman." Quite a few people have the same sentiment so the search for where to find love in Oklahoma continued.

Loveland, Ok is a small town with a population of only 13 but full of love. Bob Simpson, 87, has lived in Loveland his whole life and said the town has had lots of love throughout its history. "Ah yes. There has been lots of love. Like I said at one time, Loveland was a pretty good sized little town on the railroad here."

"Well the people here, me and my wife and family still has a lot of love but all the rest of us have left you know." Bob said there's plenty of love in the family still living there but not be the best place to find new love. "Ahh no, if you're looking for women or anything like that you better keep a going."

Loveland once had a post office, the post office was popular around Valentine's Day when people often walked or drove many miles to have their Valentine's card postmarked "Loveland."

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