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Valentine's proposal to renew vows shocks wife of 14 years

LAWTON, Okla._ Valentine's Day was much more than flowers and candy for one couple here after a husband surprised his wife with a proposal to renew their vows.

Jeffrey Grimes, who is heavily involved with the student council at Cleveland Elementary, decided to pop the question at the school's Valentine's Day dance Friday afternoon.

His daughter, a fourth grader at the school, had to keep the secret from her mother for weeks.  

"I was so excited," his daughter said. "I wanted to tell her."

Grimes said he was nervous before the entire story would play out live on 7News at 5 p.m, but he managed to pull it together.

"… and I hope to have another 14 years with you if you will say 'yes'," Grimes said to his wife, Maribel.

After 14 years of marriage, Mr. Grimes says he received the exact response he anticipated.

"I knew since I saw her that she was the one," said Grimes.

After the big reveal, Mrs.Grimes was left pretty much speechless.

"I can't speak right now; I'm really surprised," she said.

There was no time to waste after the proposal. A pastor was on hand to conduct the renewal of their vows at Cleveland Elementary in front of the student body.

"Marriage is a sacred ordinance with God, and it's wonderful when people are willing to say before God, 'I'm willing to do that again'," said Rev. Leonard Presley, a pastor at Memorial Indian Baptist Church.

Mrs.Grimes, who at first thought the proposal was a joke, says the renewal of their vows reinvigorates the feelings she shares with her husband.

"Whether it's rough or tough, whatever hills and mountains, we will surpass everything."

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