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Racing AmTrykes for Awareness

LAWTON, Okla._Representatives of businesses and community leaders were off to the races today during the annual AmTryke races put on by the Mountain Metro AMBUCs.

Leaders from all over Lawton gathered to participate in the event at Central Mall.

The goal of the AMBUCs is to help disabled people gain their independence and mobility back.

They hoped with today's event their mission could reach the public in the form of some healthy competition.

Someone today told me AmTrykes are the most fun you can have on three wheels.

 From the looks on the peoples faces -- that seemed to be true.

 But the best look on any face came when a special person got a very special gift.

February is national visibility month for AMBUCs.

Everyone was ready to race to raise awareness of for their cause.

“I have already picked out my tryke and i will beat them up to get," said one racer.

“She is losing this year ...she is going down!" said her friend.

Race after race people got to test their skills on the AmTrykes.

That was the main fundraising event for an organization that gives so much back to the community.

But the main event was changing someone's life.

President of the Mountain Metro AMBUCs , Lynda Bentley, says giving away an AmTryke therapeutic tricycle to a very deserving person is an amazing thing.

"Anytime we give away an AmTryke it's well worth it. Just to look at the faces of the people we give it to. It is just amazing. It doesn't get old,” said Bentley.

The look on Darlene Getts’ face when she recieved the AmTryke was priceless, much like the gift she was given.

 She can't wait to get on the road with her new AmTryke.

"I have never ridden a bicycle and the surgeon who had amputated my leg at one time said I couldn't, wouldn't, and that I never would amount to anything and when he gets a video tape of this race he is going to know not to say this again," she said.

 That is what AMBUCs is all about -- giving people a chance to get mobile and make a positive change in their life.

 Darlene said that the AmTryke will change her life forever.

 She is forever grateful for an organization such as the mountain metro AMBUCs.

If you want to join the all-ladies Mountain Metro AMBUCs -- they meet every Tuesday at Noon at the Coliseum.

  For more information on AMBUCs organization, check out

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