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Presidents' Day Trivia

LAWTON, Okla._Presidents' Day started as a federal holiday honoring George Washington and as such was celebrated on his birthday until it was moved to the third Monday in February as a result of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, at that point Congress also added honoring Abraham Lincoln into the federal holiday.

While many people don't know the history of Presidents' Day, many others weren't quite sure about general presidential trivia. With that in mind, Lawton was asked various questions about Presidents of the United States of America.


Question 1: Who was the first president to appear on television?

"I don't have a clue."


"I'm gonna say JFK but I know it wasn't."

"I would have to go with either Eisenhower or Truman."

"I'm going to have to go...FDR."

Franklin Delano Roosevelt appeared in black and white in April of 1939 at the opening ceremony of the world's fair, but the first president to address the nation from the White House on TV was Harry Truman.


Question 2: Who was the shortest president?


"Franklin Pierce?"


James Madison stood at only 5'4" and he also only weighed 100 pounds.


Question 3: Which president was a model before he became president?

"I'm going to have to say Bill Clinton."


"No, the only thing I can think of is Reagan but he was an actor."

Gerald Ford appeared in Look Magazine and was on the cover of cosmopolitan in 1942.


Question 4: Who was our heaviest president?



"I'm thinking Taft."

William H. Taft holds the title at heaviest president, sometimes weighing in at over 300 pounds.


Question 5: Who was our oldest elected president?

"Abraham Lincoln."

"Probably Roosevelt."

"Was it Reagan?"

Ronald Reagan, he was 69 years old. Reagan was also an actor and had various roles in a number of productions from 1937 to 1965.


Question 6: Which president was also a bartender?

"I have no idea."

"Lincoln...yeah Lincoln had a license."

Abraham Lincoln was the co-owner of a saloon in Springfield, Illinois named Berry and Lincoln.

The legend about George Washington's teeth being made out of wood is just that, a legend. His teeth were actually made of several materials including gold, ivory and lead.

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