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Liquor by the drink recount is in, still defeated

TILLMAN COUNTY, Okla._The ballots were recounted Wednesday in the liquor by the drink proposition in Tillman County that failed last week by just four votes.

The outcome was the same, another failure. In fact, they found another no vote, so the proposal officially lost by five votes, 424-to 419. One voter had voted at the wrong precinct, so that vote ended up not being counted until last Friday after the other votes had been sealed and sent to the election board. Asking a sheriff's deputy about the chain of command of the ballot boxes, the presiding judge said the ballots were properly preserved and there was no evidence that they had been tampered with or that anyone had unauthorized access to them since the election.

The chairman of the committee that supported the proposal, Ben Crawford, was there as the designated vote-watcher and no one from the opposition was there to witness the recount. Crawford said they knew this was going to be a long shot but it was one they had to take, "Maybe spend the next couple of years trying to spread the word and make sure everybody understands the issue and get some dialog going about it and maybe the results will be different in two years."

So, again, liquor by the drink failed in the recount. The topic cannot be brought back for another vote for at least two years.

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