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Pearl Scott honored with a memorial portrait

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla._A portrait of a Marlow native who made history as a teenage pilot nearly 100 years ago, was unveiled at the state capitol Wednesday.

Pearl Scott learned how to fly at the age of 13 from famed aviator Wiley Post and became the youngest pilot in United States history in 1929. She may have earned her fame for what she did in the air, however, what her family is most proud of is what she did on the ground in working with the Chickasaw Nation.

Friends and family gathered in the Oklahoma State House Chamber to not only celebrate her aviation career but to focus on what she did after it. Pearl Carter Scott left mark on not only the Chickasaw Nation and Marlow, but Oklahoma as a whole.

Her friends and family described her first not as an aviator but as a selfless woman willing to do anything for anyone. She fell in love with aviation at the age of twelve but at nineteen she would give it up. Her son, Bill Scott, explained why she gave it up, "She came to the realization, she quit the year I was born. She dearly loved flying but her family she loved more."

Putting others before herself, her grandson Brad Scott believes she is a great role model not only for the Chickasaw nation but for everyone, "Never give up, it doesn't really matter regardless of your age, experience, education, your gender, or race. Never give up and go after your dreams and she did that at such a young age. She's a role model with so much drive and it's fantastic."

It wasn't just family she sacrificed for but also the Chickasaw Nation. She was one of the first medical employees the tribe had explained Scott, "She thought nothing about it. She would drive from Marlow to Ada to take someone down there, pick them up or get medicine for someone. She was one concerned lady for the Chickasaw Nation."

Pearl was elected and served three terms in the Chickasaw legislature, during that time she helped oversee tremendous growth in tribal operations and services. Pearl Carter Scott is a member of the Oklahoma Aviation and Space hall of fame along with the Chickasaw Nation hall of fame.

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