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Dog attack victim recovering with 80 stitches

LAWTON, Okla._ A young boy who was attacked by a dog this weekend is recovering at home after spending the weekend in an Oklahoma City hospital.

The attack happened and was first reported Feb. 15, but neighbors and the boy who was mauled are now speaking out.  

Savion Ramos, 10, was over a friend's house when the incident happened. After playing with the dog for a short while, he says it quickly turned violent. Ramos wants people to see his wounds (pictured left), to better understand why he and neighbors believe the dog should be euthanized.

"It basically looked like a murder scene," says Michael Friel, who was working on his car across the street when two girls ran from the house screaming, "somebody save us."

Blood could be seen all over the dog's snout as animal control officers and police worked Saturday afternoon along Sunflower Lane in southwest Lawton to detain the vicious pet.

"He basically looked like he had gone through a meat grinder," is how Friel explained what Ramos looked like when he walked into the home with a gun and a machete.

Friel saw Ramos pinned underneath an American Bulldog and started hitting the angry dog with a baseball bat.

"This day is going to be my last," is what Ramos says he was thinking in the midst of being mauled, after multiple attempts at defending himself failed. "He was so going at it. He was fighting more aggressive when I hit back."

Ramos was rushed to Comanche County Memorial Hospital and later transferred to The Children's Hospital OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City for surgery. His multiple wounds are now patched up with more than 80 stitches.

"You see this damage," says Ramos. "He's done all this to me. You don't know what he can do to a little kid."

That's the reason many neighbors as well as Ramos' mother believe the dog should be put down.

"Nobody wants that dog back over there, because there's tons of kids that go over there and play all the time," said Martha Negron. "What if that dog ran out of the house and attacked somebody else?"

The homeowner of the house where the attack occurred refused to give a statement Wednesday afternoon, but she did say the dog wasn't coming back. That's good news to Ramos', who is afraid if the dog returns his nightmares will get worse.

"If it comes back, this is going to haunt me forever."

The American Bulldog is currently being quarantined for 10 days, which is required by city code, but if the owner chooses to do so, the dog will be allowed back home since it happened inside and there was no adult supervision at the time of the attack.

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