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Surveillance video captures thief’s face and cash register break-in

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LAWTON, Okla._ Cameras were rolling as a bizarre burglary took place in the wee hours of the morning Feb. 18 at a Lawton Subway location.

Police and the manager of Subway, 28 NW 67th Street, are hoping the picture of the thief will help lead to his arrest.

The retail space near NW 67th Street and Gore Boulevard consists of a vacant dry cleaner, a vacant hair salon and Subway. It is believed the burglar broke in the back door of the dry cleaner, which was two units away, and then cut through two thick walls to get into Subway.

"Who plans that out, who thinks 'hey, I'm going to break in the opposite end of the building and cut through walls," said Peter Keene, district manager at Subway.

Once inside the restaurant, video captured all the action, from the burglar poking around in the stock room to prying his way into the cash register with a crow bar. Keene says the thief got away with a little more than $90.

"It shocked me that there was that much destruction," said Keene.

The destruction is now being repaired. It's a process which has taken the better part of two days.

"There is an easier way to make a living than breaking into Subway," said Paul McCormick, who was contracted to patch up the holes.

The cost to fix the walls combined with the cost to repair the structural damage to the building from when the burglar slammed his car into the door is estimated at $5,000. No arrest has been made. 

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