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Residents watched as fire spread through downtown Snyder building

SNYDER, Okla._The structures weren't the only things involved in Friday's fire, residents watched as the fire destroyed the charm held in those old buildings.

Everyone was pretty worried about the fire spreading at first and Synder High School was even let out early after reports of explosions were heard. Once the fire was under control, everyone was just watching as firefighters continued to put out the blaze.

"It was mainly smoke when it first started and in a couple of minutes it started showing the flames," said John Valenzuela.

Melissa Melton recalled what she saw, "All I seen was black smoke and flames just shooting all the way up in the air."

Local store owner Wilson Wlllis feared it was going to keep spreading, "It was in blaze pretty good. I thought it was going to take the whole block out."

Everyone agreed this was the worst thing they've ever seen happen in Synder.

"I've been here over fifty years and this is the biggest thing I've ever seen for Synder. It shut my business down. I think we have eight or ten fire departments here from around the area so it's pretty well got the whole town shut down from one end to another," said Jon Bower.

The building may have been vacant for a long time but it wasn't empty, "It was full of stuff, so it was a real hazard." "Everything and anything. I think he had a couple of old cars in there and a lot of stuff he had stored," Bobby Nelson.

The high school administration building was next to the fire, and luckily the salon across the street let school employees bring over important records and computers in case the fire were to spread. Other people around the area couldn't believe there was so much damage, "Oh, it's terrible it is, such a small town like this but everyone come together and helped out the other ones that was down the line from the buildings getting their other stuff out of there."

Others loved the old charm the buildings had and hated to see them go, "It's kinda sad really that it happened." "You just hate to see old buildings like that go because that's part of your history."

The Kiowa County Sheriff, Bill Lancaster, said he was very impressed with how everyone working together and businesses near the fire were helping each other pull valuables out of buildings on the block of the fire.

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