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Lawton and Ft. Sill members show off what makes the area great

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla._Former House Speaker T.W. Shannon said today the thing he is most proud about being from Lawton is our diversity and ability to come together to move the community forward.

Shannon made the comments to business leaders, educators and military officials as they came together Tuesday for Lawton Ft. Sill Day at the Capitol. The main premise of the event was to make the rest of the state aware of what our community has to offer. Business leaders from the Lawton-Ft. Sill community, as well as military officials gathered to talk about not only how they impact the economy of southwest Oklahoma but the economy of the entire state and to make sure legislation that's important to our community gets heard.

"It gives us an opportunity to meet with various legislators from across the state, ones we do know, ones we don't know. They are handling issues that are a vital concern to the community," said Mayor Fred Fitch. He also said it's important to make sure all of our legislators know our position on issues and how they affect Lawton-Ft. Sill and to support our legislators from southwest Oklahoma. To Mayor Fitch, supporting the area through legislation is the right thing to do, "When they are trying to get constituents to support them on issues, they know they are supporting an issue from a community that is viable and strong and going the right way."

After a visit last year to the state capitol, Major General Mark McDonald realized there wasn't a picture of Lawton-Ft. Sill hanging in the capitol, so today he presented a picture of a post card of McNair Hall on Ft. Sill which will now be hanging in the west corridor of the state capitol.

"I always say it's Lawton-Ft. Sill. I don't think there is a Lawton part and a Ft. Sill part, we are together in this and it's unlike any relationship I've ever seen," said Maj. Gen McDonald in regards to the relationship between Lawton and Ft. Sill.

Senator Don Barrington says he hopes people realize how important of an impact fort sill has on the entire state, "We've been able through the break negotiations to keep our military installations viable with DoD and you know that's important not only just to Oklahoma but to our nation as a whole."\

Mayor Fitch says on their agenda to speak with legislators includes topics like transportation, water, taxes and other legislation being discussed this session, "We've got about four pieces of legislation that are very important to the Lawton economy and we will be addressing those with the legislators that are involved and the committees."

Representative Ann Coody also read a resolution today congratulating Eisenhower High School for being recognized as the National Math and Science School of the Year.

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