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Crews worked to improve street conditions

LAWTON, Okla._City workers were tasked with getting roads safe for travel Monday, and there were drastic improvements during the day.

Lawton's Superintendent for Streets and Traffic Control, Cliff Haggenmiller, said they had crews working on the streets as early as 1:00 a.m. Sunday. That early work paid off when crews were called in to stop at 1:00 p.m. because they had what they needed covered, and they just needed the sun to do its work.

Cache Road, around 10:30 Monday morning, wasn't necessarily an ice rink, but the conditions were definitely not great. Two hours later they were wet, but clear. Superintendent Haggenmiller said the salt was there, it was just a matter of when the sun was going to come up to cause that effect, "The salt is only effective down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit, so that's why this morning you didn't really see the effectiveness of what we were doing. Once temperatures warmed up above that then it started melting the ice rather quickly."

Haggenmiller added that the storm was unusual, being just heavy sleet and ice, but is proud with their plan's outcome, "Of course ice is always hard and challenging to attack. You can't really run the motor graters with the blades on; they can't chisel the ice up. So you really have to rely on the salt and sand."

He also explained that the city started winter with 5,000 tons of salt and sand and they are only down to 3,000 tons so there is no worry on supply, "We can deal with a few more, but hopefully we don't have anymore."

Now, with temperatures staying below freezing expect the melting to refreeze, and watch out for black ice. Haggenmiller said crews will be back out Monday night to help prevent that.

There has been no decision on area schools and whether or not they will be open on Tuesday. If they do decide to open up, be sure to pay attention to those slick sidewalks and those parking lots.

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